Renting has bloomed as a preferred option over buying due to soaring home prices and the start of the spring season, leading to a surge in apartment seekers. The CBC team is taking a closer look at which cities are experiencing the most rental activity and capturing the attention of potential renters. Last month, Atlanta emerged as the most desirable city for renters, followed by Kansas City, MO, and Albuquerque, NM, according to research by RentCafe. These cities witnessed significant engagement and interest in regard to apartment listings, with a high number of rentals being saved as favorites, personalized searches being conducted and overall elevated listing views.

These three cities share common attributes that contribute to their appeal. They provide a balanced combination of affordability, employment opportunities, and entertainment choices that attract a wide range of renters. Detroit has made its mark ranking as fourth on the list of Most In-Demand Cities in the U.S., demonstrating signs of revitalization and growth. Lastly, Manhattan maintains its position as a perennial favorite among renters, despite the high cost of living, securing the fifth spot in the rankings.

Atlanta is Hot Amongst Renters

In April, Atlanta emerged as the most coveted city among renters, experiencing a remarkable level of rental activity on Potential renters in Atlanta displayed a notable increase in interest, as they added twice as many listings to their favorites compared to the previous year. Moreover, rental listings in Atlanta attracted substantial traffic and recorded high rates of saved searches on, propelling this city to the pinnacle of the rankings. Atlanta offers a multitude of job opportunities, with numerous companies expanding or relocating there. In fact, Atlanta secured the eighth position nationwide for office leasing activity in 2022, reflecting its growing prominence. Additionally, Atlanta has consistently established itself as one of the top tech towns in the country in recent years, further enhancing its appeal to renters.

Kansas Popularity is Growing

Kansas City secured the second position among the most sought-after cities in April for renting on KCMO experienced a remarkable surge, climbing an impressive 27 spots from the previous month’s ranking. This significant jump is due to renters favoriting listings six times more than the previous year, while the number of page views for Kansas City listings ranks among the highest in the United States. Moreover, potential renters in Kansas City exhibited an 87% increase in personalized searches on compared to one year ago. Renters are drawn to Kansas City due to its more affordable housing options and cost of living in comparison to other cities. Like Atlanta, the presence of enticing new tech job opportunities also adds to its appeal.

New Mexico Climbing the Ranks

Albuquerque, New Mexico, secured the third spot as one of the most sought-after rental locations in April, demonstrating a vibrant and active rental market. The number of rental listings in Albuquerque that were added to favorites experienced a notable increase, seven times higher compared to the previous year. Additionally, there was a significant surge in listing views, with a 66% increase compared to one year ago, marking the highest growth among all the cities included in RentCafe’s research. The rising popularity of the area propelled Albuquerque to climb an impressive 19 positions in the top 30 rankings within one month. There are multiple factors that attract potential renters, including the plethora of readily available outdoor activities and the thriving entertainment industry.

As we discussed throughout the article, potential renters were most drawn to housing options in Atlanta, Kansas City, and New Mexico last month. We saw Alburquerque, New Mexico, and Kansas City climb the ranks as a top US cities for rental activity in April. Now that we’ve taken a closer look at these different cities and their various appealing factors for renters, are you surprised at the top 3 spots?