Property Management

Let our in-house property management team take care of you today!

Lease Administration:

Oversee and administer all details of signed lease agreements including rent escalations, tenant improvements, and lease renewal negotiations, as well as answering any questions from the ten-ant or owner that may arise during the agreed upon leasing contract.

Financial Services:

In-house department covers all monetary situations regarding the property such as con-ducting owner draws, mortgage evaluation, profit & loss reports, tracking money collected, and invoice shipment, as well as overseeing any and all contract payments associated with the property.

Operating Expenses Budgeting:

Before the beginning of a new fiscal year, our Management Team works diligently with property owners and tenants to devise and provide an agreed upon operating budget for said property. The budgeting expenses will be based on past histories of properties as well as our database of con-tractors and our knowledge base of the market.

Maintenance & Contracting:

We have established relationships with a variety of maintenance and service providers throughout the Charleston and North Charleston markets, as well as the state of South Carolina. Through these relationships we negotiate the most appropriate and cost efficient contracts for the property in the areas of waste management, electrical, plumbing, heating & air, landscaping, and cleaning services.

Insurance Evaluation:

Our partnering insurance company, AI Insurance Services, LLC, will examine and evaluate all insurance needs and contracts associated with the property, including existing tenant contracts. They will cover all basic and necessary insurance needs, looking for areas in which you can save money or bundle services in order to leave you feeling secure in your commercial property investments.

In-House Staffing:

We offer an in-house property management team to answer any and all of your concerns in a timely manner. In addition, our staff is on-call 24 hours a day should something arise with your property. Having our services providers in-house increases he cohesion between the accounting, management, and executive sectors, ensuring that everything is done efficiently to provide the best management services to your building and/or tenants.

The property owners and board members of the Orange Grove Office Park Owners Association have been very pleased with the property management services provided by Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic.  Their managers and staff have been courteous, prompt, and reliable–they have our highest recommendation.
B. G. Quesenbery, Ph.d

Secretary, Orange Grove Office Park POA

Steve Hund

Steve Hund


Current Tenants