In Case You Missed It: January Recap: In the February ICYMI we share information on the upcoming CBC Global Conference, 2022 year end awards, showcasing the CBC brand across the industry, new products and some recently released thought leadership articles. Click the link here to listen to the podcast.

A Systems Approach to CRE: In this episode, we talk with Nathan Matelich, CBC Broker and Author of the upcoming book “Unknown to Unstoppable”. Nathan shares some of the expertise that inspired the book including the secrets to his marketing dominance. We also talk about growth, development, and how to focus on things that you are uniquely skilled to do. Click the link here to listen to the podcast.

CBC’s 2023 Outlook: While we are not officially in a recession, inflation is surging and real wage growth is negative. Despite two open jobs for every one unemployed person, a shortage of labor is weighing down the U.S. economy today; labor is the critical issue above all else because you can’t grow despite demand if you can’t find workers to run the shop. This has culminated in slowing down CRE activity and uneven consumer spending across most of the U.S. during 3Q 2022. And now, bank lending has paused as the Fed’s steep and frequent rate hike changes have made it very difficult to price a loan.

On this episode, we are joined by Dan Spiegel, Managing Director of Coldwell Banker Commercial. He helps us kick off the year with the Coldwell Banker Commercial 2023 Outlook on the business. Check out for the full report. Click the link here to listen to the podcast.
In Case You Missed It: February Recap: Highlighted in the February ICYMI we cover our further expansion into the great state of Montana, new marketing and social assets that are available, a product launch to help with branding and some last-minute details on our upcoming Global Conference! Click the link here to listen to the podcast.