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Commercial real estate
Commercial Real Estate Mount Pleasant, SC

With an average of 230 days of sunshine each year, a low cost of living, and endless recreational activities, Charleston is a joy to call home. As the second most popular place to live in the U.S., metro Charleston is booming, not only with new residents but with new construction and property investment opportunities too. But with the Tri-County's rapid rate of growth comes increased real estate demand and complexity. That's especially true for commercial real estate transactions. According to CoStar, near-zero vacancy rates and short supply have forced rents and sales to reach record highs. At the same time, online medical and grocery purchases, along with last-mile delivery needs, have driven a new desire for industrial space.

It's safe to say that there is a lot of opportunity on the table for commercial real estate sellers and investors in South Carolina. But capitalizing on that opportunity without the proper market knowledge, relationships, or risk analysis can actually be counterproductive to your goals. That's where Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic's commercial real estate brokers in Charleston, SC, come into play.

As experts in the commercial real estate industry for more than 37 years, our brokerage provides the highest level of service to clients in today's rapid, constantly-changing business climate.

Service Areas

The Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic Difference

At Coldwell Banker Commercial, we pride ourselves on having local power and a global presence. Our clients entrust their complex and lucrative commercial real estate deals to us because they understand the value of working with brokers who are familiar faces within the community. On any given day, you could be standing next to one of our brokers at a grocery store or local restaurant. As your friends and neighbors, we're proud to call the Lowcountry home. Though we have local roots, our resources and expertise are backed by a global network. That power gives our commercial real estate clients peace of mind, knowing they have access to a dynamic and diversified brokerage of highly-trained and educated agents.

 Commercial Real Estate Brokers Mount Pleasant, SC

From general commercial leasing services and property management to investment guidance and new property site selection, our team works tirelessly to exceed your expectations and meet your goals. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, lease, or develop, our commercial real estate brokerage in Mount Pleasant, SC provides the up-to-date advice and time-tested market knowledge needed to facilitate any commercial real estate transaction, large or small.

Some of the commercial real estate specialties we focus on in South Carolina include:

  • General Brokerage and Commercial Real Estate Leasing Services
  • Commercial Investment Analysis
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Commercial Property Development
  • Commercial Construction and Project Management
  • Disposition, Acquisition, and Work-Out Properties

At the end of the day, our commercial brokers and agents aren't satisfied until you're a happy customer. That's why every service and decision we recommend is made with your best interests in mind.

Commercial Real Estate Mount Pleasant, SC

Why Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Mount Pleasant, SC?

Perhaps you're in a situation where you need more space for a growing business. Maybe, instead, you want to capitalize on low-interest rates and buy a commercial real estate investment property to bolster your portfolio. Whatever your needs may be, whether as an investor or a small business owner, your goals are probably the same: lock in the best value and negotiate optimal terms for leasing, buying, or selling. When it's all said and done, you want to minimize expenses and maximize your ROI.

Unfortunately, commercial real estate is complex by nature. Given today's ever-changing real estate landscape and the challenges of our economy, working with a commercial real estate agent is the savviest way to save money and lessen the likelihood of making a poor investment.

That's because the very best commercial real estate brokers, like those at Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic, do more than putting "for sale" signs in yards and in newspapers. They have the tools and training to source and present research apropos to your commercial real estate purchase or sale. They also have the ability to provide transaction and advisory services to ensure every aspect of your CRE process goes smoothly and efficiently. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Here are a few of the biggest reasons to work with a commercial real estate broker in South Carolina.

Save Money

Save Money

Unsurprisingly, money is one of the biggest reasons why people steer clear of CRE brokers - for the cost savings. Yet, just about every commercial real estate transaction is managed by a commercial real estate brokerage. Why might that be? The answer is that smart business owners, executives, and investors know that the most lucrative cost savings stem from good planning, time management, and successful negotiations. Only an experienced commercial real estate broker can provide you with those features while also properly structuring your commercial real estate deal.

Manage Your Time

Manage Your Time More Effectively

Commercial real estate investors and business owners often have jam-packed schedules with little time to spare for anything other than day-to-day operations. If that sounds familiar, you know how crucial time management is for commercial real estate. By working with a seasoned broker, you can uphold your daily responsibilities while they provide guidance and manage the minutia of your CRE dealings.

Specialized Systems

Access to Specialized Systems and Data

Reputable commercial real estate brokerages provide access to a bevy of information that is pertinent to your commercial real estate goals. We're talking vacancy and absorption rates, the latest sales price data, comparative labor and tax costs, and more. Your broker will help break down this information so that you can make the most informed decisions possible. Brokerages like Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic also have systems and software to facilitate complex real estate processes while eliminating unneeded costs. The combination of accumulated data and exclusive systems results in a more cost-effective, efficient way to meet your real estate requirements on terms that are beneficial to you.

Success and Experience

Years of Success and Experience

As is the case with most things in life, practice and repetition are essential in honing skills and achieving business success. The truth is that no amount of money or "how to" articles can suffice for decades of real-world, hands-on experience. Sure, you can find a litany of commercial real estate info online. But those articles won't teach you about navigating the nuances of structuring advantageous purchase terms or completing complicated due diligence tasks. A successful commercial real estate broker in Mount Pleasant, SC, will have no problem executing these often-confusing processes because they've done it dozens and dozens of times before. This priceless experience is your best resource for successful commercial real estate initiatives.

Service Integration

Service Integration

One of the biggest advantages of working with a commercial real estate brokerage is their ability to provide necessary services that are relevant to your real estate needs. As a Coldwell Banker Commercial affiliate, we are part of a network that allows us access to accounting, legal, and other services needed on your real estate journey. Finding and vetting these services can be very costly and time-consuming, which is unneeded stress that we're happy to remove from your plate.


Purposeful and Engaging Marketing

For any project to be successful, a strategic marketing plan must be implemented to achieve the desired results for our clients. The methods of exposing and promoting a property must be creative, innovative, and unique to your property. At Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic, we utilize the most effective methods that make sense for your property in South Carolina, including:

  • Print Materials
  • Digital Marketing
  • Design Renderings
  • Photography
  • Weekly and Monthly Advertising
  • Affiliation Marketing
  • Signage
  • More
Negotiating Acumen

Negotiating Acumen

If you're reading this page, chances are you're successful to some degree and have entered negotiations a time or two in your professional life. While that's nothing to sneeze at, the art of negotiating in the commercial real estate industry is a skill that must be honed over years of transactions. In the world of CRE, transaction negotiations are often time-consuming and stressful - two things you don't need in your life. Your commercial real estate broker will use their experience to relieve you of that stress so that you can focus on growing your business or serving tenants.

Knowledge of Local Markets

Knowledge of Local Markets

One of the most valuable reasons for working with a commercial real estate brokerage is that staff have a deep understanding of South Carolina's real estate market. In the Lowcountry, trends and market conditions are constantly changing. Opportunities are lost and found daily.

With this market knowledge, your commercial real estate broker in Mount Pleasant, SC, can provide an easy-to-understand analysis of various commercial properties within your budget. They'll know what relevant properties are leased or sold for and how much. Savvy commercial real estate brokers are also always informed on local demographics and market indicators that impact your commercial real estate goals. For instance, with COVID becoming a more accepted part of our lives, leasing, and sales in retail have taken off, especially for Class A and Class B centers.

Brief Overview A Brief Overview of Our Specialties

At Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic, we specialize in several commercial real estate services. Though each service is comprehensive and will differ for each client, here is a brief overview to help you understand the scope of our abilities.

General Brokerage and Leasing Services

We're proud to say that our commercial real estate brokers in Mount Pleasant, SC, are equipped with all the necessary skills and traits to make your life easier. From transactional needs to marketing strategies, our experience and market knowledge is second to none, allowing us to ensure your success in today's market.

Property Management
Property Management

In an ever-changing commercial real estate industry, our approach to property management is constantly evolving. Our team has extensive experience in commercial real estate management and recognizes its importance as a foundation for long-term value and wealth. As such, Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic provides tailor-made property management packages that meet your specific assets needs and objectives.

Construction Management
Project and Construction Management

Whether you're entering a build-to-suite or remodeling a commercial property, our associates are ready to represent you with facility planning, design, construction, zoning restrictions, and so much more. If you're looking for a brokerage that can guide you through every step of the construction process with your goals and budget at heart, look no further than Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic.

Investment Analysis
Investment Analysis

Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic provides comprehensive investment analytics to better evaluate potential investments and increase return on those investments. Additionally, our team can facilitate single or multiple-location transactions and also find alternative financing recommendations if needed.

Property Development
Property Development

From selecting the perfect building site for your property to overseeing its initial construction, our associates provide experience and expertise when you need it most, covering every step and service of property development. If needed, our team can assemble the right professionals to ensure your property is developed to your unique specifications and applicable regulatory standards.

Acquisition, Disposition, and Work-Out Properties

Our commercial real estate brokerage represents clients in both the disposition and acquisition of property and works directly with you to determine your needs. We then strive to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We also assist financial institutions and government agencies in the management and disposition of ‘troubled properties.' Our firm incorporates its spectrum of services to efficiently turn these properties around and improve their value for ultimate disposition.

 Commercial Real Estate Brokers Mount Pleasant, SC

Time-Tested Tips for Commercial Real Estate Investing

If you're just getting started in commercial real estate investing, you're probably searching for reliable advice and best practices to follow. While hands-on experience and guidance from a commercial real estate broker are always best, a little advice never hurts. After all, there's a wide world of opportunity out there. As you begin to build a more robust portfolio, keep these tips and tricks in mind.

Take Your Time

Take Your Time

Commercial real estate deals can take a lot longer than traditional single-family transactions. That's true throughout the entire process, from purchase, to renovation, to selling. That's not a bad thing - after all, having impatience is a good way to rush into a poor decision. Instead of a means to quick cash, think of commercial real estate deals as a large bonus or as a vehicle for retirement.

Keep an Open Mind

Keep an Open Mind

Many commercial real estate investors jump right into the multi-family property space. However, it's essential to keep other types of properties in mind, such as mobile homes, office buildings, land, and even mobile home parks. Forget about your comfort zone. Instead, weigh your options and choose a niche that helps you meet your goals.


Search for Great Financing Before Making Offers

Commercial loans are quite different than their residential counterparts. In some ways, they're better. Though down payments are typically higher, meaning you'll put more down, there's often no personal liability involved. Plus, commercial loans can be more forgiving when borrowing money for down payments. The bottom line is to search for the best lenders before making an offer. If you're having trouble, ask your commercial real estate broker for assistance, as they often have connections and partnerships with relevant entities.

Learn the Appropriate

Learn the Appropriate Formulas

If you're used to buying residential homes, you're probably familiar with some formulas, such as buying 75% of after-repaired value minus the estimated cost of repairs. Depending on the type of commercial property you're buying or selling, you'll have different formulas to learn. Two examples are Cap Rates and Net Operating Income. Learning these formulas can be very beneficial when making an offer.

Real Estate

Lean On Your Commercial Real Estate Agent in Mount Pleasant, SC

If you find yourself discouraged with the commercial real estate game, remember that the team at your commercial real estate brokerage is there to make your life easier. At Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic, we have a powerful brokerage with a team of over 20 highly skilled and educated agents. Our job is to serve you, whether you're a new investor looking for your first deal or an experienced property owner looking for 1031 tax investment advice.

Commercial Real Estate Mount Pleasant, SC


Latest News in Mount Pleasant, SC

Veterinary Emergency Group opens first location in the Lowcountry

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) — A new veterinary emergency facility is opening Thursday in Mount Pleasant. The Veterinary Emergency Group on North Highway 17 is opening its doors, and they prepared to help any animal brought to them.The new Mount Pleasant location is the facility Veterinary Emergency Group has opened in South Carolina. The other location in the Palmetto State is Upstate in Greenville. Lowcountry residents are now able to bring their pets in for all types of emergencies.Its arrival in Mount Pleasant comes af...

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) — A new veterinary emergency facility is opening Thursday in Mount Pleasant. The Veterinary Emergency Group on North Highway 17 is opening its doors, and they prepared to help any animal brought to them.

The new Mount Pleasant location is the facility Veterinary Emergency Group has opened in South Carolina. The other location in the Palmetto State is Upstate in Greenville. Lowcountry residents are now able to bring their pets in for all types of emergencies.

Its arrival in Mount Pleasant comes after nearly half of South Carolina's counties were listed as "high need" areas on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's veterinary shortage map.

The Mount Pleasant location will be open 365 days a year and 24/7. Its purpose is for the Veterinary Emergency Group to become an extension of a pet's primary veterinarian in times when they aren't available.

Staff also promise a transparent relationship with every patient and owner who walks through their doors.

READ MORE: Novant Health grows SC presence with majority ownership in 2 Mt. Pleasant surgery centers

"I think the fact that pet owners will really be able to connect with us because we’re really dedicated to an open concept," Dr. Alex MacLean, the Medical Director for Veterinary Emergency Group, said. "They get to stay with their pet for the entire visit. They get to participate in their pet’s care. Everything is upfront and transparent so they can be a part of their care."

Patients will also be able to stay with their pets as long as they remain in the care of the staff in the Emergency Group. Staff say medical doctors are prepared to handle any emergency that comes their way at all hours of the day and night, and the hope is to continue to grow.

"Our facility is set up to handle any emergency. We can do surgery, endoscopy, we have x-ray radiology capabilities, and we’re set up to hospitalize patients 24/7, and owners can stay in the hospital with their pet the entire time if they want," continued Dr. MacLean. "We definitely want to continue to grow in the area, so we’re here to provide support for people, whether they’re in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, the greater South Carolina community and anyone is welcome."

READ MORE: Outback Steakhouse on Johnnie Dodds Blvd permanently closes

The community will have a chance to see the facility for themselves and attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday at noon.

Locals denounce incoming hotel citing traffic hazards

Homeowners from the Old Village section of Mount Pleasant employed the “strength-in-numbers” approach at the March 4 Town Council Transportation meeting, with numerous residents alternately approaching the Town Hall lectern to ask local officials about specific street improvement projects at Whilden Street.Neighbors were especially concerned about traffic conditions worsening along the road’s intersections in light of the opening of the Seabird Inn. The hospitality venue, they predicted, would only exacerbate motor v...

Homeowners from the Old Village section of Mount Pleasant employed the “strength-in-numbers” approach at the March 4 Town Council Transportation meeting, with numerous residents alternately approaching the Town Hall lectern to ask local officials about specific street improvement projects at Whilden Street.

Neighbors were especially concerned about traffic conditions worsening along the road’s intersections in light of the opening of the Seabird Inn. The hospitality venue, they predicted, would only exacerbate motor vehicle traffic, as well as foot traffic in an area devoid of adequate safety measures for drivers and pedestrians alike.

With the Old Village neighborhood fast emerging as a tourist destination, those who reside there informed Mayor Will Haynie and fellow transportation committee members of an increasing number of failure-to-yield and T-bone collisions across a three block stretch of Whilden Street and beyond.

Resident Blaise Barber fired the opening salvo by communicating the need for a four-way stop sign at Whilden and Hibben streets, as well as proper curbs and sidewalks in the surrounding area.

“I’m also concerned about the influx of employees needed to run the Seabird Inn,” she stated. “Perhaps residential stickers would be necessary to help solve this.”

To that point, Barber acknowledged a shortage of room to cater to the additional parking that a “nice” hotel, restaurant or event facility would require to function.

Fellow homeowner and mother of four, Christine Lloyd, counted 13 young children who currently reside on Hibben Street who cannot safely access the nearby library or playgrounds with drivers “flying around” and no sidewalks to speak of.

“It’s really kind of sad to say that I cannot trust my 9 year-old child to walk to the Village Library, which is two blocks from [her house],” she began. Lloyd went on to detail her hardship in trying to guide her children to safety along the area in question, including a 7 year-old with cerebral palsy and a vision impairment.

“I’m nervous. I usually take a second adult with me. He needs his hand held and I have to navigate and say out loud what he’s coming upon: ‘Here’s the sidewalk, here’s the hole. You need step over.’ It’s really treacherous, and I do think we really need a four-way stop at the intersection,” Lloyd continued.

“I every day dread driving from my house to Coleman [Boulevard] because you can’t see traffic coming. There’s a big, grand oak that literally gives you a blind spot once you look left, right, left. I myself have almost hit many people and it’s just not safe.”

Charleston-based restaurateur Ben Towill was also in attendance and informed transportation committee members that he is “fully in favor of slowing down traffic and any sidewalk improvement,” as prepares to open his Seabird Inn.

Haynie reminded the audience that current Whilden Street streetscape improvement plans are only concepts and not an ultimate drawing on a final proposal. The Town, he added, is only in the nascent stages of the process.

Mount Pleasant Director of Engineering & Development Services Brad Morrison promulgated a similar message, stating that there’s really been no hard engineering or designs to this point in an area comprising three intersections (Whilden at Hibben Street, Whilden at Venning Street and Whilden at Morrison Street).

Morrison further noted that 10-15 years worth of traffic calming discussions have resulted in a safety action plan, while also reporting a $15 million grant the Town has received to implement that plan.

Previous efforts have seen speed humps installed in the Old Village area, along with radar feedback signs.

Moving forward, said Morrison, the intent is to rethink the configuration of the Whilden Street corridor by adding safer crossings, high-intensity flashers and possible LID (Low Impact Development) efforts along the stretch.

“We want to get speeds down at the entrance of Old Village,” affirmed the Town staffer, who later mentioned higher visibility for pedestrian crossings as an additional priority.

The next steps would include engaging the community to elicit comments and/or suggestions in formulating a rock-solid plan.

Weighing in on the prospect of residential parking stickers as a potential solution to some of the traffic chaos was Councilmember Howard Chapman. He cautioned Old Village homeowners that the sticker program wouldn’t only affect commercial entities, but also their visiting friends and family members who drive into area.

On a different, but related topic, Councilmember Daniel Brownstein asked Morrison to prioritize the possible identification of additional land uses for a more pedestrian-friendly environment in the form of an all-way stop at Whilden and Hibben streets.

“I think that we need to be moving towards a four-way stop, irrespective of the rest of the project, and maybe on a totally different timeframe,” offered Brownstein. “I think there’s a lot of potential to Whilden Street. If you look at it as it exists today, it’s wide and it’s straight, and it might as well be a dragstrip right off of Coleman Boulevard. I think if you look at the sidewalks, you see, as the residents have noted, there’s a patchwork of existing sidewalks of varying levels, as well as in places where it ends and you’re walking on grass.”

Haynie concluded the committee session by apprising residents that the Town can access crash data for the three intersections to get a sense of the day-to-day risks incurred by drivers and pedestrians. He then provided background on Seabird Inn.

“I just want to say that the hotel was not approved by the council when it came up for a vote. It went to a lawsuit and a settlement was approved. That was a long, hard slog ,,, I was sued personally for fighting that. This is not the kind of thing that the Town just approved, and this is one reason why and we need to be very careful as we move forward.”

“Just because we get sued does not mean we have to settle. I have no regrets of that battle or being sued because now we’re dealing with the consequences of that.”

2 Mount Pleasant restaurants close; new dining venture coming to Charleston

Two Mount Pleasant restaurants about a mile apart recently turned out the lights.Outback Steakhouse, an East Cooper fixture for the past 25 years at 715 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., is no longer in business.The closing comes after parent company Bloomin’ Brands of Tampa, Fla., decided in February to shutter more than three dozen financially underperforming restaurants in its portfolio, which includes Outback, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill and ...

Two Mount Pleasant restaurants about a mile apart recently turned out the lights.

Outback Steakhouse, an East Cooper fixture for the past 25 years at 715 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., is no longer in business.

The closing comes after parent company Bloomin’ Brands of Tampa, Fla., decided in February to shutter more than three dozen financially underperforming restaurants in its portfolio, which includes Outback, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

“We periodically review our asset base and, in our latest review, we made the decision to close 41 underperforming locations,” CEO David Deno said in a report by Nation’s Restaurant News. “The majority of these restaurants were older assets with leases from the ‘90s and early 2000s.”

Deno said a variety of factors resulted in the decision, including sales, how close customers live to a business location and how far they might travel to patronize it. He also noted the brand plans to open 40 to 45 restaurants this year. Locations for the new dining spots were not disclosed.

The Mount Pleasant restaurant opened in 1999 as the third Lowcountry Outback venue. Two others launched in West Ashley and North Charleston in 1993. Those sites remain open.

Lights out

Also now closed is The Grit Counter.

The restaurant opened five years ago at 320 Wingo Way in Mount Pleasant, next to sister dining spot Grace & Grit in the hotel district near the base of the Ravenel Bridge. A sign on the door says it’s temporarily closed for renovation and will become part of Grace & Grit, possibly as an events venue.

Grace & Grit, which is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday and on Sunday for brunch, also could add brunch on Saturday to its lineup once the expansion is completed.

More than a dozen tenants are coming to a new grocery-anchored retail development near Summerville that's almost completely leased several months before construction is set to be completed.

The One Nexton commercial node on Nexton Parkway will include restaurants, service-industry providers, a bank and workout site in addition to a new 48,387-square-foot Publix supermarket.

Food-and-beverage offerings coming to the development include Catrina's Cantina, Jersey Mike's Subs, Woodhaven Pizza, Ruby's Bagels, Indian restaurant Naan Appetit, and Dulce Churros, Ice Cream and Cocktails.

The Packie Wine & Spirits retail shop will join service providers Roper St. Francis Healthcare, Heartland Dental, Noire Nails and insurance firm Swamp Fox Agency.

Workout site Basecamp Fitness and Fifth Third Bank round out the announced tenants coming to the site, which is still under construction.

"It's crazy that it's already leased, and we are months away from opening," said Jeff Yurfest, who is handling leasing for the site for The Shopping Center Group. "It shows strength of the market with the amount of people moving to Nexton."

One outparcel site remains to be leased next to the 351-unit Camellia One Nexton Apartments under development on the combined 23-acre One Nexton site, Yurfest said.

The multifamily project is expected to be completed in May or June, according to Nexton spokeswoman Cassie Cataline.

Opening dates have not been announced for any of the commercial tenants, but construction is expected to be completed by the fall on the retail center. It sits across Nexton Parkway from a developing Harris Teeter-anchored commercial site. Harris Teeter is tentatively set to open in the spring.

On the way

A rhyming round of slushy sweet adult beverages is on tap for Upper King this spring with the planned arrival of Zachary’s Daiquiris.

The bar, opening in the former Basil Thai restaurant site at 460 King St., is being touted as “Charleston’s Chic Daiquiri Destination.”

Zachary Elliott, a South Carolina entrepreneur, filed for a liquor license recently for the property, and his social media accounts tease the spring opening of the sing-songy locale.

Elliott is also affiliated with Charleston’s Bourbon & Bubbles, Mesu and Republic Garden & Lounge, and is a partner with the Sweetberry Bowls franchise that has locations in the Carolinas, Georgia and New Jersey.

Elliott did not immediately respond for comment on the daiquiri venture.

The space at 460 King, a former bicycle shop and Huddle House, has been empty since spring 2021, when Basil closed its longtime downtown restaurant.

Gassing up

A Savannah-based convenience store chain is looking to add its first location in Mount Pleasant.

Parker's Kitchen plans to build a 5,175-square-foot shop on S.C. Highway 41 at Wood Park Drive, next to the Lowes Foods-anchored Market at Mill Creek Shopping Center.


Site plans presented to the town show three options for the building's placement: with fueling stations parallel to the store facing the highway, with gas pumps in the rear, and with the store on the corner near the street and pumps set perpendicular to S.C. 41.

The 6-acre site where the store is planned near the entrance to The Gates at Dunes West subdivision is owned by Highway 41 LLC, an affiliate of auto supplier Oakwood Group of Dearborn, Mich. It bought the property for nearly $1.3 million 16 years ago.

Heads up

A new salon focusing on relaxation and rejuvenation of the scalp and hair is now open in West Ashley.

Charleston Head Spa at 1420 Ashley River Road offers a serene atmosphere and personalized treatments to improve scalp health, according to its website. The business, owned by Molly and Josh Smith, is open weekdays by appointment.

Dance steps

A new place to twirl and tumble is being proposed in Mount Pleasant.

The owners of Tapio School of Dance and Gymnastics want to build a 9,500-square-foot studio between existing buildings at 600 and 608 Seacoast Parkway, a frontage road next to the Mark Clark Expressway west of Long Point Road, according to site plans presented to the town.

The school is currently at 455 Long Point Road in a shared-use structure. The proposal is making its way through the town's review process.

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$2.4B deal buys 3 South Carolina hospitals, including Mount Pleasant facility

Listen to this articleThree area hospitals have been sold in a $2.4 billion deal to North Carolina-based Novant Health by the previous owner, Tenet Healthcare of Dallas, Texas.The sale of East Cooper Medical Center in Mount Pleasant, Hilton Head Hospital in Hilton Head and Coastal Carolina Hospital in Hardeeville includes the associated physician clinics and other operations, according to a news release from Novant Health.“We are beyond thrilled to welcome our new team members...

Listen to this article

Three area hospitals have been sold in a $2.4 billion deal to North Carolina-based Novant Health by the previous owner, Tenet Healthcare of Dallas, Texas.

The sale of East Cooper Medical Center in Mount Pleasant, Hilton Head Hospital in Hilton Head and Coastal Carolina Hospital in Hardeeville includes the associated physician clinics and other operations, according to a news release from Novant Health.

“We are beyond thrilled to welcome our new team members and grow our presence in South Carolina,” said Carl S. Armato, president and CEO, Novant Health, which is headquartered in Winston-Salem. “Novant Health’s long-term vision is to transform the health and wellness of these communities through expanded specialty services and clinical expertise. We are energized and united behind our cause to create a healthier future together by building connections with patients and clinicians in coastal South Carolina.”

The East Cooper Medical Center includes 15 physician clinics. Hilton Head Hospital includes the Bluffton Okatie Outpatient Center and 12 physician clinics. Coastal Carolina Hospital in Jasper County includes the Tidewatch Free-Standing Emergency Department in Bluffton, according to the news release.

Novant Health said continuity of care is a priority and appointments and procedures will continue as scheduled during the transition period. “We are working closely with our new Novant Health team members to ensure a seamless transition for patients and team members,” Joel Taylor, market CEO of Hilton Head Regional Healthcare, said in the release. “We are eager to move forward together in support of our teams and know decisions will be made with our community’s needs at the forefront.”

“There’s a lot to be excited about when planning for our future,” Tyler Sherrill, CEO of East Cooper Medical Center, said in the release. “Novant Health is known for elevating clinician leadership to provide patients with a trusted health care experience through world-class technology, personal connections and convenient access to care.”

Tenet Health also owns a cluster of imaging centers and urgent care clinics in York, Rock Hill and Fort Mill, but those South Carolina properties were not part of the deal for the coastal hospitals.

“We understand that taking care of our patients starts with taking care of our people, so I’m delighted to join a leadership team that strives to not only be a healthc are provider of choice but also an employer of choice,” Ryan Lee, CEO of Coastal Carolina Hospital, said in the release. “I look forward to expanding the resources available to our team.”

Novant Health supports health and wellness programs in the community, including health education/screenings, community health workers and mobile cruisers. Each year, Novant Health provides hundreds of programs that serve patients, neighbors and some of their communities’ most vulnerable citizens, the company said in the release.

The Novant Health network consists of more than 1,900 physicians and more than 38,000 team members who provide care at more than 800 locations, the release said.

10 best window replacement companies in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Editorial note: Homefront (defined in the Disclosure below) may earn a commission from affiliate partner links featured on our site. This commission does not influence our editors' opinions or evaluationsJoin over 640 homeowners who have gotten a free quote in the past week.Enter ZIP CodeWhy trust us?Homefront Local uses a unique algorithm to score window replacement companies based on important factors like user reviews and how popular they are in your area.0Companies Analyzed0Companie...

Editorial note: Homefront (defined in the Disclosure below) may earn a commission from affiliate partner links featured on our site. This commission does not influence our editors' opinions or evaluations

Join over 640 homeowners who have gotten a free quote in the past week.

Enter ZIP Code

Why trust us?

Homefront Local uses a unique algorithm to score window replacement companies based on important factors like user reviews and how popular they are in your area.


Companies Analyzed


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Table of contents

Best window replacement in Mount PleasantHow to save on windowsMethodology

Your windows play a significant role in controlling the temperature in your house. If they malfunction, a window repair service can locate the issue and resolve the problem.

Some states require window repair pros to have special licensing and insurance. Ensure the company you hire is properly licensed to perform window repair work in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

To assist you in your search, we've compiled a list of the best window repair services in Mount Pleasant.



Our Rating



Our Rating



Our Rating


Find the top window repair company for you in Mount Pleasant

Look for Mount Pleasant window repair companies with a minimum of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews and similar customer review platforms. The company should also have a decent rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Review previous customer reviews to learn about other homeowners’ experiences with a company, and be cautious of businesses with consistently bad reviews.

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How do you choose between window repair and replacement?

Window repair may not always be your best option. In certain situations, a pro may recommend a window replacement instead.

Repairing windows rather than replacing them can preserve time and funds. However, you should only choose repair if an experienced pro recommends it. The right call between repairing or replacing your windows hinges on factors such as the severity of damage and the state of the window.

Here are some standard window problems that usually call for repair work instead of outright swapping the windows out.

There are times when a window is beyond repair, and installing a new window is the better decision. The top window issues that usually necessitate replacement instead of fixing are:

What are common window replacement costs in Mount Pleasant?

Your location influences your window replacement costs. RSMeans data shows the average price per pane is between $220 to $330, but your specific window swap cost in Mount Pleasant also depends on brand, window size, labor, number of panes and material. Here is a table of costs based on data from RSMeans for different window styles:

Facts about Mount Pleasant

Low cost per window
High cost per window
Average Daily Sunlight


Mount Pleasant


National Average

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What should you consider before hiring a window repair pro in Mount Pleasant?

Take the following important aspects into mind before you choose a window repair specialist in Mount Pleasant.

Handling repairs yourself could provide upfront savings but may be more expensive in the long run. Applying basic things like caulk is feasible alone, but professionals can assist in avoiding more complex risks.

Talk to multiple window companies to get estimates from them. Decide if paying for the service makes sense, or if you are capable of managing the repair on your own.

Before calling in a professional, look at our window type list above. This will help you know which kind of window you need repaired.

Damaged windows could increase bills due to reduced energy efficiency. Heat gain or loss through windows leads your home’s heating and cooling systems to operate using more energy to keep your house comfortable.

High-grade, energy-efficient windows may save you about $313 yearly, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and If you've noticed more expensive bills, discuss efficiency improvements with your window professional.

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