Commercial real estate brokers in Hilton Head Island, SC

Commercial Real Estate Hilton Head Island, SC

With an average of 230 days of sunshine each year, a low cost of living, and endless recreational activities, Charleston is a joy to call home. As the second most popular place to live in the U.S., metro Charleston is booming, not only with new residents but with new construction and property investment opportunities too. But with the Tri-County's rapid rate of growth comes increased real estate demand and complexity. That's especially true for commercial real estate transactions. According to CoStar, near-zero vacancy rates and short supply have forced rents and sales to reach record highs. At the same time, online medical and grocery purchases, along with last-mile delivery needs, have driven a new desire for industrial space.

It's safe to say that there is a lot of opportunity on the table for commercial real estate sellers and investors in South Carolina. But capitalizing on that opportunity without the proper market knowledge, relationships, or risk analysis can actually be counterproductive to your goals. That's where Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic's commercial real estate brokers in Charleston, SC, come into play.

As experts in the commercial real estate industry for more than 37 years, our brokerage provides the highest level of service to clients in today's rapid, constantly-changing business climate.

Service Areas

The Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic Difference

At Coldwell Banker Commercial, we pride ourselves on having local power and a global presence. Our clients entrust their complex and lucrative commercial real estate deals to us because they understand the value of working with brokers who are familiar faces within the community. On any given day, you could be standing next to one of our brokers at a grocery store or local restaurant. As your friends and neighbors, we're proud to call the Lowcountry home. Though we have local roots, our resources and expertise are backed by a global network. That power gives our commercial real estate clients peace of mind, knowing they have access to a dynamic and diversified brokerage of highly-trained and educated agents.

 Commercial Real Estate Brokers Hilton Head Island, SC

From general commercial leasing services and property management to investment guidance and new property site selection, our team works tirelessly to exceed your expectations and meet your goals. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, lease, or develop, our commercial real estate brokerage in Hilton Head Island, SC provides the up-to-date advice and time-tested market knowledge needed to facilitate any commercial real estate transaction, large or small.

Some of the commercial real estate specialties we focus on in South Carolina include:

  • General Brokerage and Commercial Real Estate Leasing Services
  • Commercial Investment Analysis
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Commercial Property Development
  • Commercial Construction and Project Management
  • Disposition, Acquisition, and Work-Out Properties

At the end of the day, our commercial brokers and agents aren't satisfied until you're a happy customer. That's why every service and decision we recommend is made with your best interests in mind.

Commercial Real Estate Hilton Head Island, SC

Why Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Hilton Head Island, SC?

Perhaps you're in a situation where you need more space for a growing business. Maybe, instead, you want to capitalize on low-interest rates and buy a commercial real estate investment property to bolster your portfolio. Whatever your needs may be, whether as an investor or a small business owner, your goals are probably the same: lock in the best value and negotiate optimal terms for leasing, buying, or selling. When it's all said and done, you want to minimize expenses and maximize your ROI.

Unfortunately, commercial real estate is complex by nature. Given today's ever-changing real estate landscape and the challenges of our economy, working with a commercial real estate agent is the savviest way to save money and lessen the likelihood of making a poor investment.

That's because the very best commercial real estate brokers, like those at Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic, do more than putting "for sale" signs in yards and in newspapers. They have the tools and training to source and present research apropos to your commercial real estate purchase or sale. They also have the ability to provide transaction and advisory services to ensure every aspect of your CRE process goes smoothly and efficiently. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Here are a few of the biggest reasons to work with a commercial real estate broker in South Carolina.

Save Money

Save Money

Unsurprisingly, money is one of the biggest reasons why people steer clear of CRE brokers - for the cost savings. Yet, just about every commercial real estate transaction is managed by a commercial real estate brokerage. Why might that be? The answer is that smart business owners, executives, and investors know that the most lucrative cost savings stem from good planning, time management, and successful negotiations. Only an experienced commercial real estate broker can provide you with those features while also properly structuring your commercial real estate deal.

Manage Your Time

Manage Your Time More Effectively

Commercial real estate investors and business owners often have jam-packed schedules with little time to spare for anything other than day-to-day operations. If that sounds familiar, you know how crucial time management is for commercial real estate. By working with a seasoned broker, you can uphold your daily responsibilities while they provide guidance and manage the minutia of your CRE dealings.

Specialized Systems

Access to Specialized Systems and Data

Reputable commercial real estate brokerages provide access to a bevy of information that is pertinent to your commercial real estate goals. We're talking vacancy and absorption rates, the latest sales price data, comparative labor and tax costs, and more. Your broker will help break down this information so that you can make the most informed decisions possible. Brokerages like Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic also have systems and software to facilitate complex real estate processes while eliminating unneeded costs. The combination of accumulated data and exclusive systems results in a more cost-effective, efficient way to meet your real estate requirements on terms that are beneficial to you.

Success and Experience

Years of Success and Experience

As is the case with most things in life, practice and repetition are essential in honing skills and achieving business success. The truth is that no amount of money or "how to" articles can suffice for decades of real-world, hands-on experience. Sure, you can find a litany of commercial real estate info online. But those articles won't teach you about navigating the nuances of structuring advantageous purchase terms or completing complicated due diligence tasks. A successful commercial real estate broker in Hilton Head Island, SC, will have no problem executing these often-confusing processes because they've done it dozens and dozens of times before. This priceless experience is your best resource for successful commercial real estate initiatives.

Service Integration

Service Integration

One of the biggest advantages of working with a commercial real estate brokerage is their ability to provide necessary services that are relevant to your real estate needs. As a Coldwell Banker Commercial affiliate, we are part of a network that allows us access to accounting, legal, and other services needed on your real estate journey. Finding and vetting these services can be very costly and time-consuming, which is unneeded stress that we're happy to remove from your plate.


Purposeful and Engaging Marketing

For any project to be successful, a strategic marketing plan must be implemented to achieve the desired results for our clients. The methods of exposing and promoting a property must be creative, innovative, and unique to your property. At Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic, we utilize the most effective methods that make sense for your property in South Carolina, including:

  • Print Materials
  • Digital Marketing
  • Design Renderings
  • Photography
  • Weekly and Monthly Advertising
  • Affiliation Marketing
  • Signage
  • More
Negotiating Acumen

Negotiating Acumen

If you're reading this page, chances are you're successful to some degree and have entered negotiations a time or two in your professional life. While that's nothing to sneeze at, the art of negotiating in the commercial real estate industry is a skill that must be honed over years of transactions. In the world of CRE, transaction negotiations are often time-consuming and stressful - two things you don't need in your life. Your commercial real estate broker will use their experience to relieve you of that stress so that you can focus on growing your business or serving tenants.

Knowledge of Local Markets

Knowledge of Local Markets

One of the most valuable reasons for working with a commercial real estate brokerage is that staff have a deep understanding of South Carolina's real estate market. In the Lowcountry, trends and market conditions are constantly changing. Opportunities are lost and found daily.

With this market knowledge, your commercial real estate broker in Hilton Head Island, SC, can provide an easy-to-understand analysis of various commercial properties within your budget. They'll know what relevant properties are leased or sold for and how much. Savvy commercial real estate brokers are also always informed on local demographics and market indicators that impact your commercial real estate goals. For instance, with COVID becoming a more accepted part of our lives, leasing, and sales in retail have taken off, especially for Class A and Class B centers.

Brief Overview A Brief Overview of Our Specialties

At Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic, we specialize in several commercial real estate services. Though each service is comprehensive and will differ for each client, here is a brief overview to help you understand the scope of our abilities.

General Brokerage and Leasing Services

We're proud to say that our commercial real estate brokers in Hilton Head Island, SC, are equipped with all the necessary skills and traits to make your life easier. From transactional needs to marketing strategies, our experience and market knowledge is second to none, allowing us to ensure your success in today's market.

Property Management
Property Management

In an ever-changing commercial real estate industry, our approach to property management is constantly evolving. Our team has extensive experience in commercial real estate management and recognizes its importance as a foundation for long-term value and wealth. As such, Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic provides tailor-made property management packages that meet your specific assets needs and objectives.

Construction Management
Project and Construction Management

Whether you're entering a build-to-suite or remodeling a commercial property, our associates are ready to represent you with facility planning, design, construction, zoning restrictions, and so much more. If you're looking for a brokerage that can guide you through every step of the construction process with your goals and budget at heart, look no further than Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic.

Investment Analysis
Investment Analysis

Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic provides comprehensive investment analytics to better evaluate potential investments and increase return on those investments. Additionally, our team can facilitate single or multiple-location transactions and also find alternative financing recommendations if needed.

Property Development
Property Development

From selecting the perfect building site for your property to overseeing its initial construction, our associates provide experience and expertise when you need it most, covering every step and service of property development. If needed, our team can assemble the right professionals to ensure your property is developed to your unique specifications and applicable regulatory standards.

Acquisition, Disposition, and Work-Out Properties

Our commercial real estate brokerage represents clients in both the disposition and acquisition of property and works directly with you to determine your needs. We then strive to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We also assist financial institutions and government agencies in the management and disposition of ‘troubled properties.' Our firm incorporates its spectrum of services to efficiently turn these properties around and improve their value for ultimate disposition.

 Commercial Real Estate Brokers Hilton Head Island, SC

Time-Tested Tips for Commercial Real Estate Investing

If you're just getting started in commercial real estate investing, you're probably searching for reliable advice and best practices to follow. While hands-on experience and guidance from a commercial real estate broker are always best, a little advice never hurts. After all, there's a wide world of opportunity out there. As you begin to build a more robust portfolio, keep these tips and tricks in mind.

Take Your Time

Take Your Time

Commercial real estate deals can take a lot longer than traditional single-family transactions. That's true throughout the entire process, from purchase, to renovation, to selling. That's not a bad thing - after all, having impatience is a good way to rush into a poor decision. Instead of a means to quick cash, think of commercial real estate deals as a large bonus or as a vehicle for retirement.

Keep an Open Mind

Keep an Open Mind

Many commercial real estate investors jump right into the multi-family property space. However, it's essential to keep other types of properties in mind, such as mobile homes, office buildings, land, and even mobile home parks. Forget about your comfort zone. Instead, weigh your options and choose a niche that helps you meet your goals.


Search for Great Financing Before Making Offers

Commercial loans are quite different than their residential counterparts. In some ways, they're better. Though down payments are typically higher, meaning you'll put more down, there's often no personal liability involved. Plus, commercial loans can be more forgiving when borrowing money for down payments. The bottom line is to search for the best lenders before making an offer. If you're having trouble, ask your commercial real estate broker for assistance, as they often have connections and partnerships with relevant entities.

Learn the Appropriate

Learn the Appropriate Formulas

If you're used to buying residential homes, you're probably familiar with some formulas, such as buying 75% of after-repaired value minus the estimated cost of repairs. Depending on the type of commercial property you're buying or selling, you'll have different formulas to learn. Two examples are Cap Rates and Net Operating Income. Learning these formulas can be very beneficial when making an offer.

Real Estate

Lean On Your Commercial Real Estate Agent in Hilton Head Island, SC

If you find yourself discouraged with the commercial real estate game, remember that the team at your commercial real estate brokerage is there to make your life easier. At Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic, we have a powerful brokerage with a team of over 20 highly skilled and educated agents. Our job is to serve you, whether you're a new investor looking for your first deal or an experienced property owner looking for 1031 tax investment advice.

Commercial Real Estate Hilton Head Island, SC


Latest News in Hilton Head Island, SC

Here are 6 must-see hidden gems on Hilton Head SC and where to find them

Have you visited Hilton Head Island before?Whether you’re a long-time local, summer vacationer or part-time resident, you may believe that you’ve seen everything there is to see on the i...

Have you visited Hilton Head Island before?

Whether you’re a long-time local, summer vacationer or part-time resident, you may believe that you’ve seen everything there is to see on the island. But, is that actually true? Hilton Head has several surprising treasures that not many know exist through simple online searches.

Known as a popular tourist destination and ‘world’s best’ winner several times over, Hilton Head Island has its fair share of well-known, popular attractions and ‘must do’ activities that almost anyone who frequents the island knows about.

Such attractions and activities include the island’s famed 12 miles of white sand beaches, world-class golf courses, the Harbour Town Lighthouse, dolphin cruises, Hilton Head’s own resident mermaid, Salty Dog Cafe, Coligny Plaza, and Shelter Cove’s Neptune.

However, if you’re curious about some of Hilton Head’s lesser known attractions and sights, here’s a list of six you can visit this year.

Placed just off the side of the road, you may have inherently acknowledged or even knowingly noticed this sight without ever giving it much thought.

Located on the south end of the island on Pope Avenue nearly halfway to Coligny Plaza, this hidden statue is a token toward part of the island’s history, especially to the Sea Pines resort community.

Charles Fraser, the man behind much of Hilton Head Island’s story, advocated to keep the island’s flora and fauna to preserve the natural beauty of Hilton Head as he worked to develop the resort destination.

A statue of Fraser walking beside an alligator can be found in Compass Rose Park , which is a small, quiet park dedicated to remembering the island’s unique history. It includes art, water features and covered plazas.

Also known as the Leamington Lighthouse, the Hilton Head Island Rear Range Lighthouse is located in the Leamington community of the Palmetto Dunes Resort on Hilton Head Island. This lighthouse can be entered through Palmetto Dunes, is free to visit and can be found between the 5th and 15th greens of the Arthur Hills Golf Course. For your visit, it’s important to note that passes are not given after 5 p.m. and motorcycles are not allowed in Palmetto Dunes.

The inside of this lighthouse is closed and no longer allows entry. However, it is featured on the National Register of Historic Places and is part of the Inventory of Historic Light Stations. Additionally, visitors can get their U.S. Lighthouse Society Passport Book stamped at three different nearby locations. These include the Arthur Hills Pro Shop, Palmetto Dunes General Store and the Palmetto Dunes Welcome Center.

This lighthouse is considered to be “the one true lighthouse” of Hilton Head Island, according to the lighthouse’s website, the only historic lighthouse of Hilton Head and one of only a handful of surviving lighthouses in the state of South Carolina.

However, at the moment, the lighthouse is currently closed to visitors due to a golf course project, but is expected to reopen on Aug. 27.

The Audubon Newhall Preserve is a great place to observe and be surrounded by nature in a less populated area of the island.

The preserve is open daily from sunrise to sunset and has free guided tours led by a Master Birder every Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m. No reservations are required to be placed in advance. Parking is available to the public and the preserve is dog-friendly as long as pets remain leashed and are picked up after.

The Audubon Newhall Preserve is a 50-acre nature preserve with over 140 recorded bird species on the south end of the island with interconnected trails that add up to around a mile total with wide paths and an observation deck.

The preserve is located at 55 Palmetto Bay Road, which can be found on the south end of Hilton Head Island. It is owned and operated by the Hilton Head Island Audubon Society.

The Stoney-Baynard ruins on Hilton Head’s south end is a sight to see for any history buff scouring the area. Located in the resort community of Sea Pines, visitors can still see bits of the old home to this day.

The mansion was one used as quarters for Federal forces and was later burned down, allegedly by Confederate arsonists, and the mansion’s tabby foundation, a corner wall, and the foundations of other outbuildings are what remain. These ruins are listed on the National Register of Historic Places list.

Today, the ruins are located off of Plantation Drive in Sea Pines. Baynard Ruins Park is on the right just after passing Baynard Cove Road and Marsh Drive.

Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park, located on Hilton Head Island’s north end at 40 Harriet Tubman Way, is a place of historical significance and is the location of the first freedmen community established during the Civil War.

The park features interpretive signs for visitors to learn from as well as beach access, walking trails, an observation gazebo, historic exhibits and a picnic pavilion. In addition, the island’s Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park is one of 26 sites in the state of South Carolina that is recognized on the Reconstruction Era National Historic Network.

Visitors may go on a self-guided tour of the land or a private tour on select dates and several programs and events take place in the area.

Located within the Sea Pines community on the south end of Hilton Head Island, the forest preserve may come as a surprise to many who view the island’s southernmost end as a shopping, dining and golfing destination nestled throughout winding neighborhoods and between the South Beach Marina and Harbour Town.

The preserve has been a protected area for wildlife, their inhabitants and guests to explore the outdoors since 1970 and encompasses 605 acres of natural flora and fauna. The Sea Pines Forest Preserve includes boardwalks over wetlands, pathways suitable for horseback riding, fishing docks and bridges.

The preserve is open from sunrise to sunset. Guests looking to explore the area will have to pay a $9 gate fee into Sea Pines, unless they hold a resident or guest pass.

Tourism brings in billions to Hilton Head Island, officials say

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C (WTOC) - Each year, tourism brings in billions of dollars to Hilton Head Island’s economy.The summer months bring in a significant amount of the money, and holidays like the Fourth of July seem to help out as well.Owners of small businesses say that the fourth of July season is one of the busiest times of the year.Officials from the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce say the summer months play a major part in the 3 billion tourism industry.“July Fourth weekend traditionally ...

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C (WTOC) - Each year, tourism brings in billions of dollars to Hilton Head Island’s economy.

The summer months bring in a significant amount of the money, and holidays like the Fourth of July seem to help out as well.

Owners of small businesses say that the fourth of July season is one of the busiest times of the year.

Officials from the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce say the summer months play a major part in the 3 billion tourism industry.

“July Fourth weekend traditionally is one of the busiest weekends of the year is no exception, definitely a sold out weekend for the island, cash registers were ringing everywhere, and people enjoying the beach,” Charlie Clark, Vice President of Communications said.

Cash registers were indeed ringing at Hilton Head small businesses. For example, Jennifer Megliore’s ArtWare, which sells all kinds Lowcountry artist-made souvenirs and trinkets.

“The week of the 4th of July is the insanity that we all hope for on Hilton Head Island. It drives our economy, It gets us through the quiet months of the winter, too. Shelter Cove Town Center has never been busier than this past week,” Owner of ArtWare Jennifer Megliore said.

Overall, summer tourism is a key player in Hilton Head’s economy, and the chamber of commerce says that although visitation to the island is similar to what it was last year, people are still opening their wallets.

“We’re seeing that summer tourism is actually about flat with last year, maybe even a little bit down in terms of occupancy rates. But the important thing to note is people are paying for those rooms as they were for last year. So that’s good news,” Clark says.

And while people will visit Hilton Head Island all summer long, the impact of the past few days won’t be forgotten.

“The Fourth of July is definitely the apex of our summer, everybody gets so excited to dress up in red, white and blue, slice open a watermelon, and celebrate America,” Megliore said.

Jennifer says that her shop will be riding this wave of business for a long time.

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Following the latest Hilton Head alligator attack, here are safety tips to know in SC

Have you ever thought gaining knowledge of some alligator safety tips might just save your life next time you decide to take a walk or vacation in South Carolina?If so, you were correct. It just mig...

Have you ever thought gaining knowledge of some alligator safety tips might just save your life next time you decide to take a walk or vacation in South Carolina?

If so, you were correct. It just might.

Tuesday morning, Beaufort County officials responded to the scene of a possible alligator attack, which resulted in a fatality. It led to the removal of a 9-foot alligator from a neighborhood lagoon in the Spanish Wells private community after the 69-year-old woman was attacked while walking her dog.

This comes after two fatalities from alligator attacks were recorded in South Carolina last year.

One of these fatalities took place in a Myrtle Beach neighborhood in June 2022. The other was also in Beaufort County but was located in the Sun City neighborhood and involved an 88-year-old woman who was attacked by an alligator at a lagoon near her home in August 2022. This alligator was also reportedly 9 feet in length.

Following the rise in alligator attacks within South Carolina, is it important that every resident and visitor is aware of certain steps they can take to protect themselves and prevent a potential alligator attack from occurring.

Here are four safety tips when inhabiting an environment that is known to be shared with alligators. Remember, in certain areas of South Carolina an accidental alligator encounter could be at a local park, at a resort, around a neighborhood pond or lagoon, on your driveway or even in your own backyard.

1. Never feed an alligator. Ever. When alligators are fed by people they start to associate people with food and will be more likely to approach you or others. Feeding alligators in South Carolina is also illegal.

2. Be aware of your surroundings. In serious, and oftentimes fatal, alligator attacks, the victim was unaware of the alligator before the attack. Alligators are ambush predators and will generally not be noticed before they attack. Although most attacks do occur in water, alligators have attacked humans and pets on land. When this happens, people who are walking their pets often are the secondary target if the pet escapes. Alligators can quickly become conditioned to humans and can be dangerous, especially to children, when they inhabit the same space as humans. Alligators that are fed by humans often become aggressive and must be removed, according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources on American Alligators in the Palmetto State.

3. Keep your distance. Along with avoiding areas alligators may be in to avoid an ambush attack, they are also territorial. Although alligators are generally pretty sedentary, usually basking in the sun or lurking in the water, they may act to chase a person if they are disturbed, territorial of the area, protecting their nests or hungry. Anything could set them off. Alligators can stalk their prey almost invisibly with only their eyes above water and moving soundlessly, so they can easily remain undetected before they attack. Alligators can swim at quick speed, and can even run on land in short bursts. When an alligator is in the area or if you find yourself near a body of water in the Lowcountry, it’s best to keep your kids, yourself and your pets away from neighboring bodies of water, even if they seem empty.

4. Maintain a safe distance. A safe distance from an adult alligator should be maintained at about 60 feet. If the alligator hisses or lunges at you, you are too close, details the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Laboratory. This means avoid fishing in ponds or lagoons and keep a safe distance from them while golfing or taking a walk. Alligators, even large ones, can go unnoticed on golf courses or the edge of nearby water when basking on inclined banks. These can make it quite easy for an unsuspecting person to accidentally walk up to one of these massive reptiles without any knowledge.

Alligators have powerful jaws and will twist and barrel roll when they attack.

“Alligators often seize an appendage and twist it off by spinning,” reported SCDNR.

“If an alligator bites your arm, it may help to grab the alligator and roll with it to reduce tearing of the arm. Strike the nose of the alligator hard and often, and try to gouge the eyes. If at all possible, do not allow the alligator to pull you into the water.”

Once alligators become too familiar with people, which could be by being fed or maintaining close proximity, they easily lose their fear of people. In many cases, this necessitates their removal for the safety of anyone who would potentially be within the alligators proximity.

However, all removed alligators with aggressive tendencies are exterminated per South Carolina State Law, as relocation is illegal due the creatures’ strong homing instinct.

If a neighboring alligator is exhibiting aggressive behaviors around your home despite following the above safety measures, you can contact your local SCDNR office for help. Nuisance alligator complaint numbers per county can be found online at,you%20have%20a%20nuisance%20alligator.

13 Best Places To Eat In Hilton Head

Eat your way across Hilton Head.Most people come to Hilton Head for pristine beaches, championship golf courses, and family time, but this beach town also has a thriving culinary scene. Naturally there’s fresh seafood aplenty, but you’ll also find Southern-inspired bites, farm-to-table dining, and homemade Italian cuisine. ...

Eat your way across Hilton Head.

Most people come to Hilton Head for pristine beaches, championship golf courses, and family time, but this beach town also has a thriving culinary scene. Naturally there’s fresh seafood aplenty, but you’ll also find Southern-inspired bites, farm-to-table dining, and homemade Italian cuisine. Best of all, many places offer oceanfront dining, so you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the Atlantic while you eat (and maybe enjoy a frozen cocktail or two).


Hilton Head Social Bakery

Get your French pastry fix at Hilton Head Social, which is owned and operated by award-winning French chef Philippe Feret. There are two locations (the original is at Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina, and the newest one is near the Sea Pines Circle), both of which serve Insta-ready pastries, decadent desserts, and buttery croissants galore. You’ll feel as if you’ve been magically transported to the streets of Paris., 17 Harborside Ln (building 1), Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


Lulu Kitchen

Lulu’s menu is wide-ranging and delicious, offering American favorites with a Southern twist. Think butter poached lobster, short rib grilled cheese, and house fried chicken. Come for lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch and bask in the cheery, laid-back setting., 890 William Hilton Pkwy Suite 1, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


The Sea Shack

This no-frills, counter-serve restaurant is a gem. Check out the daily “Blackboard” special, or take your pick from grilled, fried, or blackened seafood that’s fresh from the sea. Expect to wait in line during the peak summer months—The Sea Shack is popular with locals and tourists alike., 6 Executive Park Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


Chez Georges

Enjoy tasty French bistro staples like escargots de bourgogne (served with garlic herb butter sauce and crispy leeks), perfectly cooked cassoulet, and two kinds of moules-frites at Chez Georges. The wine list is impeccable, as well. Catch the aperitif hour from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Sunday through Friday, when adult beverages are two dollars off and there’s a small plates menu offered., 37 New Orleans Rd Suite J, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


Nectar Farm Kitchen

For a fresh-off-the-farm feast, head to Nectar Farm Kitchen, where every dish is lovingly prepared with locally sourced ingredients. The breakfast and lunch menu features Southern classics like sausage biscuits and gravy, country fried steak, and Benedicts. Hearty “supper plates and bowls” include blue crab and grits, meatloaf, and filet mignon, alongside lighter fare like salads and soups., 35-A Office Park Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928



With incredible ocean views and a spacious, twinkly-lit outdoor patio, Coast is the picture-perfect date night spot. Located at the Sea Pines Resort, this restaurant serves all manner of seafood, sandwiches, tacos, and more; there’s also a great raw bar. Wash it all down with a frozen specialty cocktail. During the summertime, there’s often live entertainment., 87 N Sea Pines Dr, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


Skull Creek Boathouse

You’ll likely want to linger for hours at The Boathouse, thanks to the scenic location (on the banks of Skull Creek) and fun, relaxed ambiance. Apart from multiple dining areas, there’s an indoor sushi bar with raw oysters, ceviche, and sashimi, and an outdoor bar with Adirondack chairs and killer sunset views. Don’t leave without trying the famed salt and vinegar crab cakes., 397 Squire Pope Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926


The Lucky Rooster Kitchen + Bar

Billed as an “American bistro with Southern soul,” Lucky Rooster has an exceptional menu that changes all the time based on the seasons and what’s fresh. Expect refined comfort food like grilled oysters, seafood pasta, and surf & turf., 841 William Hilton Pkwy Unit A, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


Black Marlin Bayside Grill

Whatever you do, be sure to try a cup of the seafood chowder at Black Marlin; it’s what they’re known for. The fish tacos are delicious, too, although the broad menu also includes seafood entrees, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and various pastas. There’s ample indoor and outdoor seating., Palmetto Bay Marina, 86 Helmsman Way, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


Burnt Church Distillery

Pair a charcuterie board or brick-oven pizza with creative cocktails made from authentic Lowcountry spirits. Burnt Church also offers a 7,000 square-foot tasting room, gift shop, humidor, history room, and on-site manufacturing facility—it’s a whole experience unto itself., 120 Bluffton Rd, Bluffton, SC 29910


Nunzio Restaurant + Bar

Get your fill of homemade Italian fare at Nunzio. Traditional dishes run the gamut from Pugliese-style meatballs to homemade ravioli to tagliatelle alla bolognese. Round out your meal with a mouthwatering dessert like lemon sorbet or hot chocolate souffle cake., 18 New Orleans Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


Hudson’s Seafood House On The Docks

Boasting beautiful views of Port Royal Sound, this iconic seafood joint has been around for more than 50 years. Seafood doesn’t come fresher than this—Hudson’s sources its fish and shrimp directly from one of only two remaining local fishing fleets on Hilton Head. Always order the specials, which can change multiple times a day depending on what’s being unloaded from the boats., 1 Hudson Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926


Johnson Creek Tavern

Satisfy your craving for pub grub at this low-key hangout on Harbor Island. Kick back with a cold beer or glass of wine and stay awhile., 2141 Sea Island Pkwy, St Helena Island, SC 29920

Tyler Perry backs woman, 93, in fight against SC developer for her home

Billionaire media mogul Tyler Perry is throwing his support behind a 93-year-old South Carolina woman embroiled in a battle to keep her home and land linked to her family since the Civil War.Josephine Wright, of Hilton Head Island, S.C., and her family said she was slapped a “frivolous lawsuit” by Norcross, Ga.-based developer Bailey Point Investment Group, in a play to force her to sell her 1.8-acre parcel of land bordering its upcoming neighborhood development, ...

Billionaire media mogul Tyler Perry is throwing his support behind a 93-year-old South Carolina woman embroiled in a battle to keep her home and land linked to her family since the Civil War.

Josephine Wright, of Hilton Head Island, S.C., and her family said she was slapped a “frivolous lawsuit” by Norcross, Ga.-based developer Bailey Point Investment Group, in a play to force her to sell her 1.8-acre parcel of land bordering its upcoming neighborhood development, WSAV reported.

Perry, the actor-director behind the “Madea” franchise, leapt to Wright’s defense on Wednesday, posting on Instagram an interview clip with Wright, who told local outlet, “I’ve pretty much been a fighter all my life.”

“Well, that makes two of us,” Perry wrote. “Ms. Wright, please tell where to show up and what you need to help you fight.”

The Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill also chimed in with moral support, writing, “Corporate bullying at its finest .. this super hero status!”

The David versus Goliath clash on toney Hilton Head began earlier this year, after the town green-lit Bailey Point’s plan to build a 147-unit development behind Wright’s historic home, which has long served as a communal space for her and her family — which includes 40 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren and 16 great-great-grandchildren.

After Wright refused the company’s offer to buy the home and land that has been in her family since just after the Civil War, Bailey Point sued in February.

The company claimed in it lawsuit, obtained by The Post, that parts of Wright’s property were encroaching on the 29-acre parcel, which “significantly delayed and hindered” its construction and cost the developer significant time and expenses.

On a GoFundMe set up to help with the family’s legal expenses, Wright’s granddaughter Charise Graves wrote that they had already spent thousands to address some of the encroachment issues, including removing a satellite dish and a storage shed that Bailey Point claimed were on its land.

They are looking to install a fence separating the home’s back porch from a road the developer recently installed.

“Bailey Point Investment is trying to force her off the land so they can develop it for their profit,” Graves wrote.

Attorneys for Wright, meanwhile, filed a counterclaim, noting that she has suffered intimidation and harassment by the company, with people trespassing and “trashing her property” by cutting shrubs, and causing dirt and debris to cover her car, in an attempt to force her to sell her land.

“We come to grandma’s house for holidays, you know, fellowship, anything, funerals, barbecues,” Graves told WTOC. “To try to take that away is taking it away from our entire family and all our descendants, and I think it’s just in poor taste.”

Local and national coverage of the lawsuit has led to a swell of support for Wright from across the country, with nearly $146,000 in donations flooding into the GoFundMe, with $40,000 coming from NBA star Kyrie Irving, the Hilton Head Island Packet reported.

“In my struggle here on Hilton Head Island on Jonesville Road, I find that I am not alone,” Wright said in a video.

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Perry and Wright could not immediately be reached for comment.


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