These days, we’re expected to be connected to our office and projects all the time. And, the population of remote workers is increasing. Therefore, it’s ultra-important to be able to stay connected to our “desks” while we’re on the go or working away from the traditional office space.

Whether you’re hoping to stay in touch with your team or you simply want a way to increase your personal productivity, these are the top four mobile apps that you need to download. Here, we will discuss what each app offers along with some of their key features.

  1. Slack

Slack is both a project management and communication app. Here, you can create different channels in order to keep team members in the loop regarding various projects and office updates. Within the app, there are options to direct message coworkers or to send updates to larger groups. If you’re hoping to get through to someone faster than email, Slack is the perfect option for you.

Plus, slack offers integrations with Google Drive and other apps to help streamline your workday. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly navigate chats and your shared documents all in one place.

  1. Asana

Asana is a task management and organization tool. Here, you can delegate tasks to yourself or other coworkers. This allows you to stay on track for various deadlines. Now, if you forget your planner at home or you’re hoping to check up on tasks throughout the day, you can simply pull up your Asana account and see what you have left to do on your daily agenda.

This app is especially good for those who enjoy crossing items off their to-do list. Asana keeps tabs of items that still need to be completed and items that you have finished, so you can visualize your progress.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is the best place to create documents that need to be shared or collaborated on. Here, you have the option to use sheets, docs, calendars, and so much more. Google provides mobile and desktop-friendly versions of their apps, so you’re always able to view and access your account whether you’re sitting at the office or on the go.

With Google Drive, you can integrate both your work and personal accounts. For example, you can change your settings to view both your personal and work calendar on the same page. This will help you keep your plans sorted as you organize family vacations and work deadlines.

  1. Zoom

Do you need to schedule a meeting, but you aren’t able to make it to the office? Zoom is the ultimate platform used for video and voice chatting. Here, you’re able to have virtual meetings. Plus, Zoom provides users the opportunity to share their screens. So, if your manager needs to discuss a complex spreadsheet with you, they are able to pull it up for both of you to visualize during the call.

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