As uncertainty about where to invest in office space (suburbs versus cities) continues to plague the office sector, one thing is certain – the better the amenities, the more attractive the office space to younger talented workers. In 2018 office tenants will be watching for these 10 amenities:

A couple of years ago, having a rooftop break room would have made an office building unique. Nowadays it is merely the type of office amenity that tenants expect. Add to that fact, the trend toward remote work is reversing. Luring workers back to the office requires some incentive; enter these top 10 office amenities for 2018.

#1: Flex Furniture

Workers have gotten used to working while enjoying the comforts of home. Expect tenants to want more flex furniture – standing desks, adjustable seats, and couches in break rooms – in 2018.

#2: Life Services

Working from home has afforded remote workers the ability to multi-task parenting, shopping, and household chores throughout the day. Expect more offices to provide life services like on-site day care, beauty salons and barbershops, and stores in 2018.

#3: Healthy Lifestyle Amenities

Younger workers are more health conscious than Boomers and GenXers. Expect to see, if not on-site gyms, free gym memberships for office workers in 2018.

#4: Convenience Services

Working out and then having to drive home to shower or wait until after work to get reps in will not draw workers back to the office. Instead, expect to see office tenants demand more on-site showers, concierge services, company provided dry cleaning services and personal package drop-off and pickup in 2018.

#5: Better On-Site Meals and Drinks

Remote workers have been able to save their money on vending machines by eating in their own kitchen. Expect 2018 to bring more on-site meals and drinks that are convenient for workers like vending machines that accept credit cards, on-site restaurants, food delivery services for employees, cafes – and most importantly, are more affordable.

#6: Green Office Culture

Unlike previous generations, millennials are environmentally-conscious and want more environmental responsibility from their employers. Expect more office tenants demandingenergy and waste management that is greener and recycling programs that increase sustainability.

#7: More Spaces for Relaxing

Boomers would find this next trend anathema for a work space, but modern, younger workers seem to be more productive when they can relax while working. Expect more walking trails, comfy break rooms, private areas, and more casual meeting spaces in 2018.

#8: Soothing Atmospherics

It has been scientifically proven that plants and fresh air improve the health of employees who work indoors all day. Expect more soothing atmospherics in office spaces for 2018 including more office water features, soothing color schemes, tons of plants, and cleaner indoor air.

#9: Improved Outdoor Spaces

Employees who have been working from home for the last several years have the luxury of taking a break and enjoying the outdoor air if they feel like it – office workers, not so much. Expect 2018 to bring more tenants desiring office spaces with plenty of amenity-laden outdoor spaces like picnic areas, outdoor meeting rooms, comfy seating, outdoor grills and fire pits, and rooftop gardens.

#10: Places to Play at Work

Finally, there will be more places to play at work for 2018 tenants – at least, that’s what office tenants want. Expect more areas for foosball, air hockey, ping-pong, and even on-site bars.